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Check out this new flexible building destruction system.  Squash the meanies by destroying the building above them! Keep moving to avoid getting hit, and take out columns and beams for best results. Use either keyboard and mouse (WASD to move, left-click to shoot), or gamepad (right trigger to shoot) to play each of the 7 levels. For more information visit game website at www.impulsectrl.com/destruction


BoD_standalone-v6.7.zip 77 MB

Install instructions

Since this is a new program, Windows will raise a warning that requires you to click more info>run anyways to complete the installation.


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Hi! nice game. i understand its a prototype, but i would strongly suggest making some changes.

1. control over what sensitivity the player wants

2. better aiming function

3. proper GUI of settings

4. increase the walking speed of the player

Some bugs i found are

1. after you use all your balls to throw, it shows the option to return to screen, but you can still continue playing if you do not press the 'return to menu' and all those buttons

2. at level 4, when i got an upgrade option, i chose one upgrade but it did not work

Thank you for being such an excellent developer and making this game from scratch and i hope you continue to work on this project.

Hi illusion, thank you for the feedback and bug reports, those would definitely improve the player's experience. I truly appreciate the kind words and will keep you posted! Best wishes.